Dr. MJ Bazos MD, Patient Handout
Talking to Your Doctor About Bladder Control

Why is it So Hard to Talk About Bladder Control?
You may feel embarrassed to talk about such a personal thing. Or, like many women, you may feel ashamed about loss of bladder control. But, when you learn it's a medical problem, you know it's not your fault. Millions of other women have the same problem.

Your health care team can help you. Nearly everyone with a bladder control problem can be helped. You need to ask the doctor questions. And the doctor needs to ask you questions. By talking, you will learn why you have a bladder control problem and which treatment is right for you.

How Can You Tell Your Doctor About a Bladder Control Problem?
Even if you feel shy, it is up to you to take the first step. Some doctors do not treat bladder control problems, so they don't ask about it. Others might expect you to bring up the subject.

Because bladder control problems are common, your doctor has probably heard many stories like yours. If your doctor does not treat bladder problems, ask for help finding someone who can help you. The good news is that most women with bladder control problems can get better, with the help of their health care team.

What Questions Should You Ask?
These questions can help your health care team find the cause of your bladder control problem.
Before going to see your doctor, answer the questions on the next two pages. Check off the statements that apply to you. Fill in dates and other information. Show this sheet to your doctor at your next visit.

What Your Doctor Needs to Know
I take these prescription medicines:
I take these over-the-counter (nonprescription) drugs (such as Tylenol, aspirin, or Maalox):
If you take more medicines, please list them on a separate page.
I started having bladder trouble
________1 to 2 years ago.
________years ago.
Number of babies I have had:________________
My periods stopped (menopause).
I recently had an operation.
Type of operation:_____________________________
I recently hurt myself or have been sick.
Date: _________________________________________
Type of injury or illness:_____________________
I recently had a bladder (urinary tract) infection.
Date: _________________________________________

I have (or had) these medical problems:

Does Treatment Work?
Treatment usually works. Many women greatly improve their bladder control. Regaining control helps women enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Points to Remember