Dr. MJ Bazos MD, Patient Handout

What does delinquency mean?

What are the facts on youth crime in Canada?

Youth crime is not out of control

Factors that can contribute to delinquency

Health and Family



The more of these risk factors children are exposed to the greater the likelihood they will become involved in criminal behaviour, either as offenders or victims.

What can reduce delinquency?

To think about:

"Lost in the media coverage and in the sea of pop-culture images is the fact that there is little evidence that kids today are any worse than kids five or twenty-five years ago." K. Onstad ,"What Are We Afraid Of?: The Myth of Youth Crime" Saturday Night Magazine, March 1997

"Many young people in Canada do numerous things in any given year that could land them in youth court if they were caught...they steal, vandalize, fight, use public transportation without paying ...therefore, the best way of thinking about youth crime and the official processing of it is that there is an infinite supply of youth crime in the community that could be processed by the courts."
A.N. Doob & J.B. Sprott "Interprovincial Variation in the Use of Youth Court" Canadian Journal of Criminology, 38

"Healthy children - living within a loving, supportive environment and in decent housing, adequately nourished and with the ability to participate in community life - are less likely to be violent or to become
involved in serious criminal activity." "Money Well Spent: Investing in Preventing Crime" National Crime Prevention Council of Canada, September 1996