Dr. M.J. Bazos, Patient Handout


About Your Diagnosis
Keloids are an overgrowth of scar tissue on the skin most often seen on the shoulders and chest. They can appear anywhere and usually arise in an area of injury, such as after a burn or severe acne, or from a minor scratch. Keloids are more frequent in blacks than in whites and are not transmitted from individual to individual. Keloids are detected by observing the formation of firm, hard, and raised scars. Keloids are generally considered harmless and noncancerous.

Living With Your Diagnosis
Keloids may itch, cause pain, or be tender. Scars may continue to grow. There are usually no adverse effects.

There is no routinely effective treatment for all keloids. A variety of treatment methods exist, including steroid injections into the keloid. Drugs, lasers, topical medications, and compression treatments are currently undergoing study for effectiveness. Keloids may recur in the same areas despite adequate treatment.

The DOs
• Do continue to lead a normal, healthy lifestyle. There are no restrictions associated with keloids.
The DON’Ts
• Do not injure the skin.
• Those individuals who have a known tendency to form keloids should avoid elective surgery.

When to Call Your Doctor
• When you observe the signs of keloid formation.