Dr. MJ Bazos MD, Patient Handout
Medicine and Your Child: How to Give Your Child the Right Dose

What do I need to know about my child's medicines?

Both your child's doctor and the pharmacist  can answer your questions about prescription and over-the-counter (OTC)  medicine. Here are some useful things to know about medicines that are to be taken by mouth (oral medicines):

What should I tell the doctor?

When your doctor prescribes a medicine or when you ask about an OTC medicine for your child, be sure to tell your doctor these things:

What can I expect from my pharmacist?

The pharmacist should tell you the same things about the medicine that your doctor told you. For liquid medicines, the pharmacist should give you a measuring device and show you the right way to use it. The pharmacist should answer any questions you have about the medicine.

Things to remember about giving medicine to your child