Dr. MJ Bazos MD, Patient Handout

Does it really matter what they eat?
As a parent you are responsible for ensuring that your child does not go to bed hungry at night. The feeding of your child. The question is whether it really matters what food children eat. The answer is a resounding YES.

Food is the fuel for the body and, as such, not only keeps the body running smoothly during the day but will also determine the overall health of the body, now and in the future. By feeding your children a variety of healthy natural foods you will not only give them the best possible start in life but will also teach them how to feed themselves for optimum health in the future. A simple way to ensure your children will be healthy is to eat dinner with them.

5 Step Daily Plan for Childhood HealthSteps for the day that help to strengthen Childhood Health :
1. A variety of Healthy Natural Foods
2. Plenty of water to drink
3. Exercise
4. Love and family time
5. A good night’s sleep
Fruits and Vegetables
Grain Products
Meat, Fish and Alternatives
Fats and Oils

Junk Food

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