Dr. M.J. Bazos, MD, Patient Handout
4 Month Old Anticipatory Guidance

• Please review the following items. They are intended to help improve the quality of the life of the infant.
• Continue to use a rear-facing infant car seat that is properly secured in the back seat of the automobile at all times.
• Continue to test the water temperature with your wrist to make sure it is not too hot before bathing the baby.
• Never leave the baby alone or with a young sibling or pet.
• Do not leave the baby alone in a tub of water or on high places such as changing tables, beds, sofas, or chairs. Always keep one hand on the baby.
• Continue to keep the baby's environment free of smoke. Keep the home and car nonsmoking zones.
• Do not drink hot liquids or smoke while holding the baby.
• Avoid overexposure to the sun.
• Keep toys with small parts or other small or sharp objects out of baby's reach.
• Keep all poisonous substances, medicines, cleaning agents, health and beauty aids, and paints and paint solvents locked in a safe place out of the baby's sight and reach.
• Keep sharp objects (e.g., scissors, knives) out of baby's reach.
• Do not give the infant plastic bags, latex balloons, or small objects such as marbles.
• Use safety locks on cabinets.
• Do not use an infant walker at any age due to the high probability of significant injuries to infants using these devices.
Keep plants and leaves away from the baby.