Dr. M.J. Bazos, MD, Patient Handout
18 Year Old Anticipatory Guidance

• Get adequate sleep.
• Exercise vigorously at least three times per week. Encourage friends and family members to exercise. Discuss with health professional or your coach athletic conditioning, weight training, fluids, and weight gain or loss.
• Limit television viewing to an average of one hour per day.
• Wear a seat belt while driving or riding in the car. If you are driving, insist that your passengers wear seat belts. Follow the speed limit. Learn how to swim.
• Do not drink alcohol, especially while driving, boating, or swimming. Plan to have a designated driver if drinking.
• Protect yourself from skin cancer by putting sunscreen on before you go outside for long periods of time. Avoid tanning salons.
• Test smoke detectors in your home to ensure that they work properly, and change their batteries yearly.
• Always wear a helmet when on a motorcycle, in an all-terrain vehicle, or riding a bicycle. Even with a helmet, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles are very dangerous.
You should have a well-developed life plan or occupation. Your personality should be well formed. If you are unhappy or dislike your personality, find an older adult whom you trust and respect and develop a mentor relationship either formally or informally to improve yourself. If you find yourself depressed or having obsessive-compulsive traits, discuss this with your health provider.
• Follow and practice your spiritual or religious convictions.
• Continue to practice character traits.
• Promiscuity is 3 or more sexual partners in a lifetime - avoid promiscuity.
• Start yearly pap exams.