Dr. MJ Bazos MD, Patient Handout
Preventing Delinquency

What does delinquency mean?

What works to prevent delinquency?

Recognizing 'high risk' children

Making the difference in families

Making the difference in preschool settings

Making the difference in schools

What works to prevent re-offending?

Promising Programs

What doesn't work?

To think about:

"Money invested in early prevention is money saved later on remedial services in school, social, physical and mental health services for families and correctional services for juveniles and adults." R.E. Tremblay & W. Craig
"Developmental Crime Prevention" in Building a Safer Society: Strategic
Approaches to Crime Prevention, 19

"Social development is an investment in people, in communities, and in society, and helps prevent crime; it is also cost effective." H.P. Hepworth, The Economics of Crime Prevention, Focus Magazine, July, 1996

National Crime Prevention Council